"Once You get a spice into your home, you have it forever. People never part with their spices. The Egyptians were buried with their spices. I know which one I'm taking with me when I go."

- Erma Bombeck

For years, Chef Mark Grigg has been making his signature spices and giving them away to his family and friends. And every year, they told him the same thing; "Why aren't you selling this?!" Now, finally, Chef Mark has formulated four perfect spices for everyone to enjoy.

Chef Mark Grigg has been a chef for over 35 years. He's worked in various hotels and restaurants. His passion for food was inspired by his mother Olive, and his older sister Abby. His culinary goal is to create the ultimate flavour, so brilliant and indescribable. Chef Mark hopes that you join him on his culinary adventure, enjoy!

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